Extenuating Circumstances - Cancellation Requests

As the safety and security of our guests and staff remains our highest priority, we are actively monitoring COVID-19 updates from the Australian Government Department of Health and will respond based on their advice or any directive provided by government.

We have already our modified our cancellation policy based on the current Government mandates – to ensure the highest of standards for you, please revise to our revised booking terms and conditions.

We are encouraging everyone to remain positive and hold close the idea of the great Australian holiday. When the time is right, tourism and the contributions this makes to regional economies will be vital to the towns in which we operate.

Should you have extenuating circumstances that mean you have to cancel your current booking, please submit your details (including park and reason for cancellation) via the form below and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Please provide justification or any supporting documentation, for example, medical certificates or proof of travel cancellations.

We cannot guarantee all cancellation requests will be honoured without valid reason or justification.