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Premium beachside holiday cabins can be purchased from our partner manufacturers for as little as $79,000*.

Enjoy the benefits of our Jimmys Beach Holiday Homes and;

  • Install a cabin to suit your needs.
  • Stay for up to 180 nights per year.
  • Forget the hassle of finding holiday accommodation during busy and peak times.
  • Make your own memories of your own, any time you like.

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Image of a Reflections Jimmys Beach Holiday Home Concept Design
Reflections Jimmys Beach Holiday Home Concept Design (1)
Image of a Reflections Jimmys Beach Holiday Home Concept Design
Reflections Jimmys Beach Holiday Home Concept Design (2)


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1.What are the benefits of this new Holiday Home Precinct for me?

The Holiday Home Precinct may benefit you in several ways including: 

  • Up to 180 nights each year to enjoy quality beachside Holiday accommodationin an iconic NSW location 
  • Increased surety of tenure 
  • Potential for increased asset resale value 
  • Improved quality of holiday accommodationstandard 

2.How soon will the Holiday Home Precinct be created?  

Opportunities to secure a site in the new Holiday Home Precinct will be available from December 2020 

3.How soon can I select my site and cabin in the new Holiday Home precinct?  

Reflections has identified a panel of suppliers through a competitive Tender Process who are able to assist with the entire selection, purchasemanufacture, and installation process for your preferred cabin on a site that suitsCabin options are available in a range of sizes, accommodation designs and price points to choose from. 

As soon as you have secured your new cabin, a date can be set for your new long-term casual occupation agreement to commence. 

4.How much does the land cost in the precinct? 

Holiday Home sites are secured under an Occupation Agreement, which provides access to the site for up to 180 nights each year, park facilities, and approval to place and keep your relocatable home on the site. The land is not purchased by the occupant but rented from Reflections as the park operator and land manager under the terms of the Occupation Agreement. 

5.Can I move into the new Holiday Home precinct with my current van?  

No, you will be unable to move your current caravan into the precinct. The new Holiday Home Precinct is for new cabin products from the Supplier Panel utilising the Reflections style guiding only. 

6.If I take up this opportunity and invest in a new holiday home at Jimmys Beach what tenure do I have?   

Reflections has included an extended fixed term at Clause 5 of the Occupation Agreement for a period of 10 years for a new cabin. This extended term protects your site tenure, preventing the issue of a ’Without Reason 90 days’ termination notice under Clause 40 of the Long-term Casual Occupation agreement. 

 7.How much will the monthly site fees be?  

Monthly site fees have been structured to be fair and equitable for all. Site fees are established based on the market conditions and site sizes. These will vary slightly between sites and commence in the range from $7,850 to $8,950 per year. 

The annual fee is charged in twelve equal payments, drawn on the first day of the month or closest business day. Where your initial occupation agreement is not for a full month, a pro-rata amount is levied based on the applicable daily rate.

8.What do my sitfees entitle me to? 

Our site fees cover access to the site for up to 180 nights in any 12-month period, use of the Holiday Park facilities, keeping your relocatable home on the sitelawn mowing, water, and electricity use at your home where these are not separately metered. Parking for one (1) vehicle

9.What don’t my site fees cover? 

Site fees do not cover maintenance, cleaning, compliance works or insurance costs for your Holiday Home.  Your fees do not cover additional parking/storage for extra vehicles, boats, caravans etcAs the home is your property, it is your responsibility to maintain it in good condition. Additional parking / storage for extra vehicles, boats, caravans etc. 

10.What can I place on my site? 

You can install a cabin and associated structures, such as a deck, carport or garden shedwith our prior written approval. You can use your site for 180 nights a year. You can plant a garden with low maintenance plants selected from our species guide. 

11.If I purchase a holiday home in this new precinct, will I have to pay stamp duty, body corporate fees and land rates?

If you enter a long-term casual occupation agreement and purchase a holiday home within the new precinct, you will not have to pay any stamp duty, body corporate fees or land rates.  Where utilities such as electricity, water and gas are separately metered you may be charged additional costs.  

After you have purchased your cabin and have an approved installation date, Reflections will prepare a long-term casual occupation agreement. This will detail all fees payable including the site fees. 

12.If I purchase a Holiday home, can the home be used for more than 180 days per year? 

Under the long-term casual occupation agreement owners and up to 8 nominated family members can stay up to 180 nights in any 12-month period. 

13.What insurances do I need?  

The park owner may ask the occupant to produce a current certificate of insurance and they may also take a copy of that certificate. Insuring of building and contents is up to you, as they are your asset and are not covered by the Holiday Parks’ insurance. 

 14.What if there is excess demand for sites within the Holiday Home Precinct?  How will Reflections decide who gets what?  

Sites will be allocated on a ‘first in, best dressed’ basis. waiting list will then be used to determine who is successful in obtaining a site if expressions of interest exceed the opportunities available 

15. I don’t like any of the cabin options from the Reflections’ suppliers. Can I go elsewhere?

You will need to select a cabin option using one of the Reflections’ identified suppliers.  Reflections has engaged these suppliers based on criteria such as quality of build, range of options, pricing etc. Reflections has entered into an exclusive arrangement with these suppliers and believes they are in the best position to meet the needs of the park and its occupants. 

 16.Can I sell my Holiday Home? 

Yes, you can sell your Holiday Home while it is on site with the written permission of Reflections. 

17.What else do I need to know? 

Holiday Homes at Reflections Holiday Park Jimmys Beach are offered under a Long-term Casual Occupation agreement., the terms of this agreement include those required under the Holiday Parks (Long-term Casual Occupation) Act 2002. 

Holiday Homes must be designed, installed, and maintained as required by the Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005. 

The information on the Reflections Holiday Parks website is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. 


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If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us via the form below or call Stephen McLean on (02) 4914 5580.

Thank you for your interest in our holiday parks and in becoming a loyal part of our holiday community.


*conditions apply.