Killalea Reserve Grant Funding Project


In late December 2019, Reflections Holiday Parks appointed RPS to lead community and stakeholder engagement for the Killalea enhancement project.

RPS will assist the local community, interested stakeholders, local authorities and Reflections Holiday Parks, to bring:

  • An objective engagement process to the project.
  • Lead various engagement activities where all stakeholders, including Reflections Holiday Parks, can find a way forward together.
  • Their expertise to the table and share their years of experience in community engagement.

Due to the holiday period, when many people are away, the decision was made to postpone the community engagement program until February 2020.

This decision will enable more people to participate and provide their feedback on the Killalea enhancement project.


In the meantime, we have been working closely with RPS to identify key stakeholders who we believe will have an interest in the project, and design ways for the community to have their say.

We have been busy building a website specifically for this project, where the community will be able find out more about the project and provide feedback on values associated with Killalea Reserve and the potential location of facilities and upgrades within the Park.

Starting in early February, we will launch the engagement website. The RPS team will also be onsite at the Farm Markets on Sunday 2 February, conducting surveys with current visitors so we can learn about what the community values about Killalea and how the Reserve is currently used.

Community engagement for the Killalea enhancement project will be done in two stages. During the first stage, we want to learn more about what the community values about Killalea. Feedback received during this period will provide us with a greater understanding of community values and will inform the concept plan identifying the proposed location of the project’s key features.

Stage 2 will commence in March 2020, when we will be engaging with key stakeholders and the community to seek detailed feedback on the project and proposed location of facilities.

Grant Funding Announced for Killalea Reserve

Reflections Killalea Reserve will receive an injection of almost $11 million over the next three years for the enhancement of public facilities and new eco-friendly accommodation thanks to a combined NSW Government Grant and contribution from Reflections Holiday Parks.

Including the Regional Growth, Environment and Tourism Fund (RGETF) of $6,531,000, Reflections will invest almost $11 million into Killalea Reserve over the next two – three years to enhance the facilities for the local community and provide more accommodation for guests to the park.

25 October 2019  Read Stakeholder Letter

October 2019 – December 2019

Public Communication
Project announcement
Stakeholder letters re: project announcement
Dedicated project page on Reflections website for updates
Opportunity to subscribe to mailing list

October 2019 – December 2019

Stakeholder Communication
Establishment of a Representative Committee comprising of key stakeholders, user and community group representatives.  Communication re: membership, Terms of Reference & appointment to this Committee to come

February 2020 – May 2020

Opportunity for Public Input
Targeted community outreach
Exhibit concept plans
Ideas Board
Stakeholder Feedback Survey

February  2020 – February 2021

Site Investigations
Preliminary assessment of proposed project for:
Heritage and other factors

May 2020 – July 2020

Review and Revise
Representative Committee to assess
Community and Public Feedback
Review period includes establishment of
Mutually-Acceptable  Solutions

August 2020 – October 2020

Project Approvals
Revised design to be approved by:
NSW Government
Reflections Holiday Parks
Required Crown Lands’ Statutory Approvals

Investigation & Design of Alternative Access Road

Proposed Scope of Works for the investigation and subsequent designs of an alternative access road includes the following;

  • Master Planning
  • Survey
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Traffic Impact Statement
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Management

An aerial view of Reflections Killalea Reserve

Recreational & Fitness Facilities

The Scope of Works for the Tourism & Recreational Equipment consists of the following;

  • Playground
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • New & enhanced walking trails

An image of walking trail concepts for Reflections Killalea Reserve

An image of Killalea Reserve Playground Concepts
An image of Killalea Reserve Gym Equipment Concepts

Enhanced Camping Sites & Eco-Cabins

Proposed scope of works for park camping sites includes provision for a concept servicing strategy providing electricity, potable water and sewer to each individual camp site.

The cabin precinct proposal consists of the following;

  • Supply, delivery & installation of cabins
  • Services supply & connection (power/water/sewer)
  • Landscaping & other beautification works


An image of Killalea Reserve Eco-Cabin Concepts

Multi-Function Community Centre

  • 200 seat functions room
  • Full A/V conference connectivity
  • Commercial catering kitchen
  • Restaurant/Cafe/Kiosk
  • Reception/Shop/Information Centre/Display Space
  • Outdoor Deck/Seating Area
  • Carpark facilities

An image of Killalea Reserve Tourism Precinct Concepts