Long Term Casuals Information

This is an important message to our annual site holders to express our appreciation for your patronage through your connection to an annual site for your holiday van at a coastal or inland park, or through the rental of boat storage sheds at our inland parks.

We have advised all annual site holders that due to our requirement to comply with the NSW Minister for Health’s directive to restrict access to our parks that annual site holders are not eligible to occupy their site for the time being. Access to caravan parks under the NSW Health orders is strictly limited to:

  • permanent residents of the caravan park or camping ground,
  • overnight travellers [engaged in essential travel],
  • persons working in the local area,
  • other persons who have no other place of permanent residence or whose primary place of residence is temporarily unavailable, and
  • visitors to the persons set out above.

Under the Holiday Parks (Long Term Casuals Occupation) Act 2002 you are required to have a principal place of residence somewhere other than the holiday van at our Reflections Holiday Park and therefore do not fall into the groups outlined above.

As we post out the standard fees and charges for site holders, we have had requests to understand why these fees are still be applied when site holders are no longer able to access their holiday van or boat shed.

In relation to Holiday Vans, site holders are excluded at this time from occupying their site because they will have a primary residence elsewhere. Occupation agreements provide that holiday vans are only available to the site holders for no more than 180 days in any 12-month period (in a continuous or broken period).  The Health Department orders are restricting the period in which you can attend, however your entitlement to the balance of your 180 days not used prior to 26 March 2020 will still be available to you. Your restricted access does not detract that your holiday van remains located on its site, within a Reflections Holiday Park that is appropriately staffed and is ready for your use when the NSW Health orders are lifted.

Reflections is a self-funded organisation which means that the significant loss of tourist revenues is directly affecting our organisation. Holiday van site and boat shed fees are important to our park teams at a time when our tourist revenues are almost non-existent. Your site fees for the site on which your holiday van occupies will help us trade through and go towards our unavoidable operating costs related to holding the property (eg rates and fixed utility fees), providing staff for caretaker duties and maintaining a level of security across the parks.

We hope this helps you understand why the accounts are still being issued and we still require payment. However, we do understand the impact of COVID19 on our site holders and their own personal circumstances may be causing individual financial hardships. We have established an application process for individuals to request payment relief for a short period of time. This will require evidence of your financial hardship and the period for which you are seeking to defer your payment. Applications will be assessed on an individual basis and you will be advised in writing of the outcome of your application. If you wish to complete an application for financial hardship please CLICK HERE.

In the meantime normal accounts will be issued and we request all contact with Park Staff and Support staff remains respectful whilst we work through individual requests.

We reiterate our appreciation for your patronage to our parks as an Annual Site holder for a holiday van or boat shed. Being able to trade through in difficult business circumstances will put us in the best position to reopen when the Government orders are lifted.

We appreciate your understanding at this time.