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Cabins at Lennox Head

Cabins At Lennox Head

Lennox Head Holiday Park has a range of cabins that are ideal for taking a break from the constant needs of the city. Our cabins offer all the amenities home and provide the perfect opportunity to unwind. With cabins directly across the road from Lake Ainsworth and with stunning views of 7-Mile Beach, Lennox Head Holiday Park is the perfect place to disconnect from stress and reattune to nature.

Types of Cabins at Lennox Head Reflections

At Lennox Head Holiday Park, you can choose from a range of cabins to fit your needs. Our family cabins offer private rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining room with balcony. Or go with a cosy couple’s cabin for a perfect romantic getaway.

Other Accommodation Options

Lennox Head Holiday Park offers various accommodation options. In addition to cabins, you could try a powered or unpowered camping site. There are plenty of amenities available for you to make the most of your stay. You can make use of our camp kitchens, BBQs, and laundry facilities, all of which provide a comfortable, homely experience while you enjoy a beautiful beach vacation.