Reflections Holiday Park
Shaw's bay table tennis facilities

Ping Pong Tables at Reflections Parks

Ping Pong Tables At Reflections Parks

Who doesn't love a makeshift, fun and friendly ping pong tournament? Reflections Parks have ping pong tables to help you and your friends enjoy a friendly game of table tennis.

Our ping pong tables are designed with durable materials so they can withstand even the most intense rallies. You don't need a partner to join in on some good-natured competition either - we have plenty of tables for singles or doubles play.

North Coast

Along the north coast are stunning beach holiday parks complete with play activities such as the Reflections Parks’ ping pong tables. Our ping pong table and balls are designed for lasting fun and competition. Enjoy some friendly matches with your friends, family or even strangers on the beachfront at Moonee Beach Holiday Park. Further up the coast is Red Rock Holiday Park, with a ping pong table set up on the banks of the beautiful Corindi River.

North Coast Parks with Ping Pong Tables

Country NSW

Country NSW is also known for its outdoor activities, and Reflections Parks has got you covered with countryside accommodations. Not only are our parks located conveniently in the countryside, but they also feature entertainment facilities such as ping pong tables. For those looking for a holiday down south, Grabine Lakeside Holiday Park offers table tennis tables for your enjoyment.

Country NSW Parks with Ping Pong Tables

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