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Park Development

Park Development – Approved Plans of Management

Park Development – Vegetation Care

We are committed to a responsible and ethical approach to the environment while undertaking any improvements to the Holiday Parks and public recreational reserves under our management. Vegetation Management Plans have been prepared for our Holiday Parks and public recreation reserves which guide how we manage and care for the vegetation in these areas.


  • APRIL 2018: Ecological Considerations of Vegetation Management, Terrace Reserve Holiday Park: Southern Precinct (PDF)
  • MARCH 2018: Terrace Reserve Holiday Park: Southern Precinct Arboricultural Impact Assessment, (PDF)
  • MARCH 2015: Vegetation Management: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  • OCTOBER 2013: VMP, Ferry Reserve Holiday Park (PDF)
  • MAY 2013: VMP, Torakina Reserve (PDF)
  • JANUARY 2011: VMP, Terrace Reserve Holiday Park (PDF)

Park Development – Environment

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP)

As part of our commitment to open communication with stakeholders and in compliance with legislation, the below links provide access to information outlining actions to be taken during or immediately after a pollution incident, also contact information of authorities and procedures for communicating with the community.

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