Tenders and Contractors

Current Opportunities –
Marketing & Advertising (Supplier Panel & COVID Recovery Campaign)

Component 1 is seeking applications from tenderers who can provide a 12-month Multi-Media Marketing Strategy and delivery plan as part of the Reflections COVID Recovery Strategy, within a budget. Applicants strategy and plan will be required to work with providers appointed under Reflections Marketing and Advertising Supply Panel (Supply Panel). Applicants applying under component 1, are also able to apply to be appointed to the Supply Panel, for relevant services. As a general guide, applicants will be required to provide an overview of the marketing strategy/plan, present to reflections, provide a packaged price and schedule of rates, referees and examples of previous work.

Component 2 is seeking applications from tenderers to be appointed to Reflections Marketing and Advertising Supply Panel for a range of different marketing services, including, creative & graphic design, video, photography, PR and media, web development and maintenance. Applicants tendering in this category are not required to tender for Component 1 and are not limited to tendering to only one category within the Supply Panel. Applicants appointed to the Supply Panel will be appointed for a 3-year term. As a general guide, applicants will be required to provide examples of their work, referees, schedule of rates and Key Performance Indicators where applicable.

The Statement of Requirements provides detailed information of what tenderers are required to provide.

A tender briefing will be held on Tuesday, 20 October 2020 at 10:30am via a live webinar (Microsoft teams). Applicants are required to register for the tender briefing. Names of persons attending the tenderer briefing must be provided to the contact officer at least 3 working days prior to the date via email. All registered applicants will be sent the Live Webinar link the day before the Webinar.

For more information, and to lodge your expression of interest, head HERE.


Reflections Holiday Parks is committed to a fair and transparent procurement process. We have an internal procurement policy which provides an appropriate methodology to find and engage suitable suppliers. Suppliers may be engaged through probity-rich methods which include but are not limited to (Request for) open tenders, targeted tenders, expression of interest, quotations, and submissions from interested parties.

Tenders are typically advertised on NSW Government etender – www.tenders.nsw.gov.au/

Awarded tenders are advertised on the etender site in accordance with the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) statutory requirements.

About the Tender Process

All of our parks operate on Crown land, and the Principal is responsible for effective management of these assets. The Tender process allows the Principal to obtain the best park management services, in a competitive manner. In summary, the process for applicants is as follows:

  1. Register on the Tenders.nsw.gov.au site and download the tender documentation (an ABN is required);
  2. Read and understand the Tender Requirements, Specifications, Attachments and Addendums;
  3. Attend a walk through of the park or parks you are interested in (strongly encouraged); and
  4. Make your submission by the closing time and date via the Tenders.nsw.gov.au portal.

Once the submission is received, the panel will make an assessment of your submission. The Panel will shortlist applicants based on an assessment of the written submission. These applicants will be asked to attend a face to face interview/presentation in Newcastle, and to undertake further assessments.

Park Manager Contracts

Our coastal Reflections Holiday Parks are typically run by contracted park managers, usually a private company, based on a service contract. Park Managers are selected following a competitive process and the most suitable park manager is awarded the contract. These contracts cannot be assigned or ‘on-sold’.

Our inland park managers are employees of Reflections Holiday Parks. For more information on these opportunities please see our ‘Employment’ page.

Contractor Resources

Reflections Holiday Parks requires contractors to meet a number of minimum requirements before working with us. These are requested prior to commencement of the contract, however, some resources need to be completed periodically, for example when making a payment claim. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 4914 5500, or speak to the Park Manger where you are undertaking work.

Business Ethics Statements

Reflections  Holiday Parks has developed a Business Ethics Statements which sets the guideline expectation for all contract suppliers. It also sets out the behaviour that suppliers can expect of us. You can download HERE.

Payment Claim Declaration Statements

For services with a payment schedule, Reflections Holiday Parks may request the following form to accompany any payment claims. Click HERE to download.