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As a new supplier with Reflections Holiday Parks, you will be asked by your contact at Reflections to supply your ABN, company phone number and email address.

You should then expect to receive an email invitation from eftsure that will look like the example below with a link to the eftsure portal.


Every supplier conducting business with Reflections will need to provide their information via the eftsure portal. You will be prompted to set up an account with eftsure and register your details as a new supplier, including business name, GST registration status and bank account details.

It is recommended that you confirm your bank details via Banklink rather than manual entry as this is a quicker process. If you choose to provide your bank details via manual entry, you should expect to receive a call from eftsure to verify these details. This is the end of the New Supplier Process and once your information has been verified by eftsure you are now ready to receive payments from Reflections.


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The eftsure software solution is an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system, designed to validate the integrity of online transactions and supplier data.  It ensures accurate electronic funds transfer of payments, providing greater assurance to its customers and their suppliers that when payments are processed, the funds are going where they are intended, protected against fraud and error.

Due to the nature of their business eftsure treats security with the utmost importance. It is a requirement that all eftsure staff follow strict security guidelines.

The threat of cyber fraud is a risk Reflections takes very seriously. This type of fraud can include business email phishing scams, or payment data files being altered fraudulently.

Learn more about eftsure.

Reflections are implementing eftsure software solution to be used to set up and manage supplier data. This will replace the existing paper-based process and will allow for improved security measures. Suppliers who undertake business with Reflections should expect to receive an email from an organisation called eftsure, notifying you of the intent of eftsure and the verification process.

It will look like the example below;

An image of the EFTsure Verification Notification Email



Suppliers who undertake business with Reflections should expect to receive an email from an organisation called eftsure, inviting you to confirm your details with them – this will include your business name, ABN, and bank account details. It will look like the example below:

An image of the EFTsure Confirmation Request


The link in the email will take you to the eftsure portal. It will look like the example below;

An image of the EFTsure Portal

You will be asked to complete Account details or indicate that they are incorrect which will look like the below;

An image of the EFTsure Supplier Verification

You will receive a confirmation email from eftsure when your data has been verified and updated.

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Registrations with eftsure are required to ensure payments can be made. All suppliers of Reflections are required to provide information, including bank details, ABN, trading name, GST registration and company contact to eftsure for independent verification prior to conducting business with Reflections.


It is your responsibility to ensure your details are up to date. Please notify us by email [email protected] immediately if your details change, or if you notice any discrepancies. Please provide your ABN and the details that need to be changed (e.g. bank account or contact details).

You will then receive an email from eftsure with a link to update your data in their portal, and then a confirmation email once your data has been verified.

Depending on the data to be updated, you may receive a phone call from an eftsure team member to verify your details over the phone before you receive a confirmation email.


All suppliers of Reflections will need to provide information including bank details, ABN, trading name, GST registration and company contact to eftsure through eftsure portal for independent verification prior to conducting business with, and getting payment from, Reflections.

(1) Is this a scam?

The email is legitimate and is not a scam. You will note that we are not asking you to provide your details to us but rather confirm them by way of completion of an already partly pre-populated field evidencing we already have your details.

(2) Why are you doing this?

This is part of our required verification procedures however the primary reason we are doing this is to ensure that when we pay you, the money is actually sent to your account not someone else’s. We need to do this because Banks do not match Payee Names with Account Numbers in the electronic payment process. It is therefore possible to record a Payee Name as “Bobs Auto Electricians” but in fact pay someone else by simply inserting a different BSB and Account Number.

(3) How can I tell whether this is a scam or not?

When you follow the instructions to verify your details on eftsure’s website you will see your bank account details are partly populated which identifies you and names us thus confirming the legitimacy of the email.

(4) I have been advised never to click on links in emails and follow that advice so how do I proceed?

You may instead simply open a browser and go to the www.eftsure.com site, then click on the Supplier tab at the top and manually enter (or copy and paste) the reference code provided to you in the email. Note when you enter the reference code take care not to confuse zeros with the letter “O” or two with the letter “Z”. The reference is case sensitive and has no spaces at the beginning or end. If you are still uncomfortable entering your account details into the website, please email the details to [email protected] For further technical assistance please email [email protected].

(5) My bank details shown are incorrect/have changed/require more digits then allowed for?

Please email the details to [email protected]

(6) Why can’t I simply tell you my bank details on the phone or email them to you?

We want to ensure payment is made to the correct bank account. Our existing process allows for bank details to be emailed or verbally provided. This process has led to incorrect bank details being listed leading to payment delays. Our new verification requirement is to have them collated and checked by an independent 3rd party however if you are uncomfortable entering them into the website, please email the details to [email protected].

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If you have any enquiries or concerns leading up to, during or after providing your details to eftsure, please read the above information and if you still have concerns please use the table below to get in touch.




(1) I don’t want to click on the link: –

EMAIL [email protected]

(2) I need to update my details: –

EMAIL [email protected]

(3) The link in the email isn’t working: –

EMAIL [email protected]
(4) eftsure portal issues: –

EMAIL [email protected]

(5) Any other concerns: –

CALL (02) 4914 5500