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10 Ways To Relax On Your Camping Holiday In Eden

10 ways to relax on your camping holiday in Eden

01 May 2023
5 min. read

And whilst camping can bring a certain ‘rawness’ to the holiday experience, there are things you can do to help you return to the everyday world bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Here are some tips for a chillaxing stay at Reflections Holiday Parks Eden.

1.Drop a line

What’s more relaxing than fishing? Lake Curalo, adjacent to the Reflections Holiday Parks Eden, features an abundance of fish including flathead and bream. It’s also a top spot for prawning.

2.Feed the birds

Watching lorikeets, cockatoos and other birds mill around your campsite is a great way to unwind. Attract them with some native-friendly seed, available at reception.

3.Go for a stroll

Walking clears the head and soothes the soul. Reflections Holiday Parks Eden has plenty of walks to choose from, whether it’s the boardwalk along Lake Curalo or the sands of Aslings Beach.

4.Read a good book

Take a break from the everyday and escape into the pages of a good book. Don’t worry if you forgot yours – you’ll find books you can borrow in the laundrette and the Curalo Room.


5.Take a nap

The physical and mental health benefits of naps are well documented. Improve your mood and lower your stress by taking an afternoon siesta (ideally by the water in the shade of a large tree!).

6.Watch a sunset

The sunsets in Eden are something truly special. Make yourself at home in the modern and well-equipped camp kitchen and appreciate feasting while the sun goes down.

7.Take a dip

Swimming in the ocean is invigorating, refreshing and a great stress buster. Aslings Beach is a great spot for a dip. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins and whales.


Whilst there is free Wi-Fi in the Curalo Room, there are so many reasons to be completely unplugged. Put the devices away and watch your stress levels subside.


9.Get out on the water

Hire a kayak from reception and paddle out onto Lake Curalo. Keep an eye out for black swans, pelicans and honeyeaters, and enjoy the peace and stillness of the calming water.

10.Make some music

Playing, or learning to play, an instrument is something most people would like to do, but they ‘just don’t have the time’. What better time than camping? It’s relaxing and fun to boot.

If you need to destress, connect, and rediscover what’s truly important, book your next holiday at Reflections Holiday Parks Eden. You’ll come home chilled, calm and ready to conquer the world.

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