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Camp Kitchen Recipes - Reflections Kombucha

Camp Kitchen Recipes - Reflections Kombucha

01 May 2023
5 min. read

Because it's naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. Studies have proven that gut health has a direct link to mental health; healthy gut = happy head they say. After drinking 'booch' every day for the last two months my husband and I do feel happier and healthier and we have stopped spending a small fortune on store bought probiotics and guess what it tastes great!

We look forward to our weekly 'booch' making sessions - the process is actually quite calming and we have shared little Scoby babies with friends to set them up with their own 'booch' factories. So what's stopping you, give our recipe below a try and get your 'booch' on. You won't regret it!

Reflections Recipe - 3.8L Booch Brew


1 Scoby
2 Cups Starter Liquid (booch from previous batch, so keep two cups with the scoby)
8 Organic Black Tea Bags (if wanting to mix it up always use 4 black tea bags and then 4 flavoured bags like Roship hibiscus tea, green tea, white tea etc don’t use any teas with oils etc just basic organic tea)
1 Cup Raw Sugar
Distilled Water



  1. Sterilise all equipment with boiling water before using and wash your hands so as to avoid contamination.
  2. Brew the tea bags in four or more cups of boiling water for at least five mins.
  3. While still hot remove tea bags and dissolve the raw sugar in your tea and allow to cool (if you don’t have time add ice or cold water to cool the mixture down).
  4. Gently take the scoby out with your hands and place on a plate.
  5. Pour the brewed Kombucha through a strainer into a large ceramic bowl.
  6. Using a glass jug and funnel pour the cooled sweetened tea into your brew jar, top up with room temperature water, add your two cups of starter booch and then top up with more water if needed so a few inches from the top of your jar.
  7. Gently pick up your scoby and place in your brew (wash hands again first).
  8. Cover with cloth and rubber band, store in a warm dark place (he doesn’t like light, cold or being moved much).
  9. In 7-10 days decant your kombucha and repeat the above (taste test first, if it’s too sweet it needs to brew for longer, if too sour shorten your brewing time next time still ok to drink).
  10. Leave the bottled booch at room temperature on a bench for 1-3 days to increase fizz then refrigerate.

You will notice new scoby’s will grow, you can leave them in and brew with more than one but your brewing time will be less. You can separate them, to start more brews, give to a friend or keep as back up in case you loose a batch to contamination just put in a container with some booch and cover (don’t refrigerate).

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