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Strangest Belongings Left Behind At Reflections Parks

Strangest belongings left behind at Reflections Parks

15 Sep 2023
5 min. read

We all double-check under the bed, in the shower and around the room in case we have forgotten anything when we travel, but not everyone is so cautious.

We surveyed our parks and while many of the items on the list are to be expected like phone chargers, camping gear and fluffy socks, some items raised a few eyebrows.

Some of the most common items our park managers report being left behind include:

  1. Mobile phones and phone chargers
  2. Pillows
  3. Shoes, thongs and sunglasses
  4. Wetsuits, rashies and swimmers
  5. Children’s toys, including teddy bears

A few of the more unexpected items left behind include:

  1. A child called Hamish
  2. $10,000 cash hidden under a mattress
  3. A very expensive wedding ring
  4. A car bonnet
  5. Bright pink, fluffy high heels covered in diamantes

Park managers across the group did their best to return lost or left behind belongings to their original owners.

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