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Five Reasons To Get Back To Nature At Mookerawa Waters

Five reasons to get back to nature at Mookerawa Waters

01 May 2023
5 min. read

Here are just a few reasons to get your next outdoor adventure into the calendar pronto.

1.It’s good for your brain

All those hours on the computer can take their toll. According to an article in National Geographic, connecting with nature has a remarkable, soothing effect on our over-stimulated minds. So put down the screen and pick up a fishing rod instead.

2.It’s good for your body

Whether it’s the boost in Vitamin D or simply because there’s less sitting and more moving, there are many physical health benefits to being outdoors. Who doesn’t feel great after an invigorating hike?

3.It’s good for your relationships

Never underestimate the power of quality time together to solidify relationships. Sharing special moments or trying new things - it’s the stuff of timeless holiday memories you’ll always treasure.

4.It’s good for your confidence

And speaking of trying new things; what better way to break out of a rut? Whether it’s kayaking, fishing or trying to stand up on water-skis, giving new things a go is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and make you feel pretty pleased with yourself.

5.It’s good for the kids

Ever heard of ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’? It’s a term coined by journalist and author Richard Louv and refers to the impact a lack of nature has on the lives of today’s children. There’s oodles of research that shows direct exposure to nature is essential for healthy childhood development.

If all of this sounds pretty good to you then dust off the hiking boots and pull out the esky - a camping trip might be in order! Book your spot at Reflections Holiday Park at Mookerawa Waters and prepare to reap the benefits of your next outdoor soiree.

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