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Tips For Camping With Kids At Cudgegong River

Tips for camping with kids at Cudgegong River

04 May 2023
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So if you’re heading to Reflections Holiday Parks Cudgegong River with younger ones in tow, or indeed any of our other parks, here are our tips to ensure a stress-free, smiles aplenty holiday.

1.Bring wipes. Lots of them.

Grubby hands. Spilt cereal. Dog slobber. You can never pack enough wipes when you go camping with kids. Keep some in your day pack, on your camp table, in your car … you get the idea.

2.Hand and foot washing stations

Set up some basins for washing hands and feet. Tell the kids its mandatory before entering the tent or van and reduce the amount of sand and dirt ending up where they don’t belong.

3.Give them jobs

There’s a lot to do when you first arrive at a holiday park. Keep the kids out of trouble and give them their own tasks. They might get the poles ready, or perhaps they can set out the sleeping bags. Also give them jobs for each day; it’s an ideal way to build their sense of responsibility.


4.Mind their manners

Be sure to teach your kids the basics of camp etiquette. Keep noise down in the mornings and at night. Go around other people’s camp sites (not through them). Pick up all rubbish and always be friendly to other campers.

5.Pack some toys

Whilst camping sparks outdoor imaginative play, there will be times when extra entertainment is required. Packing a few favourite toys, some books and an outdoor game or two is advisable, and especially useful for when you’re busy trying to get dinner organised.

6.Let kids be kids

Whilst a few toys are recommended, it’s also important to let kids be kids. Depending on their age and temperament, camping is a wonderful opportunity to let them test their boundaries. Meet new friends. Play in the bush. Poke things with sticks. And do it all without a screen for company.

7.Go screen-free

Reflections Holiday Park Cudgegong River has no mobile reception and no wi-fi so leave the screens behind. Warn the kids in advance, then watch their creativity and sense of adventure bloom. Who needs screens when you’re busy learning to fish or toasting marshmallows?

8.Bring kid-friendly gear

Depending on the age and stage of your kids, you may need to bring some extra equipment. Camping chairs. A portable high chair. Kid-sized sleeping bags and life-jackets if you’re going onto the water. Make a master camping list before you go and check it twice.


9.Dinner time!

Whether you’re staying for two days or two weeks, it’s always helpful to have a meal plan. Bring some pre-cooked meals to be reheated over the campfire and stock up on groceries. Also bring plenty of snacks; the kids will be burning off lots of energy and are likely to be bottomless pits!

10.Have a wet weather plan

When it’s bucketing down it’s not much fun being stuck in the tent and the kids may go stir-crazy. Keep some day trips up your sleeve for when the weather turns foul. If you’re staying at Cudgegong River Holiday Park for example, a day trip into Mudgee might be just the ticket.

Do you have other tips for camping with kids? Share them with us!

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